Disciple believers in the Muslim world!

Studying God’s Word for ourselves is a crucial part of every believer’s spiritual growth. But in many Muslim-majority nations, it’s very difficult to own a printed Bible.

When you give to Biblica, you help share our Arabic Bible freely online, equip people through radio and TV programming, and provide “covert” Bibles in audio and digital formats. And during the Great Commission 2020 campaign, your gift will be doubled by a generous partner up to $50,000!

If we can fulfill the entire match, we can reach 90,000 people with God’s Word. But the match expires on November 30, and we’ll lose any portion of the $50,000 not redeemed by gifts from caring people like you. Will you help today, as you’re able, knowing that your gift will do twice the good?

ECFA CFC Excellence in Giving

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