Your Gift Doubles to Unleash God’s Word

Summer Surge 2020 is under way—your opportunity to help unleash the life-transforming power of God’s Word for 50,000 people by summer’s end. Our focus this month is on Africa—where the Church is growing despite persecution and poverty.

That’s why it’s such good news that through the new $50,000 match, your gift by August 31 will double!

And we know that God will also multiply the impact of every Bible you send. In fact, one study found that a Bible given to a child will be read by an average of five other people, often bringing whole families to faith. There is no limit to how many lives can be changed forever because of your gift.

The goal is $350,000 by August 31—a goal we can reach together if everyone who visits this page will just do what they can. Thank you for being a part of Summer Surge 2020!

ECFA CFC Excellence in Giving

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