Summer Surge 2020 is under way—your opportunity to help unleash the life-transforming power of God’s Word for 50,000 people by summer’s end.

Your gift will provide Bibles and Scripture resources to ministries, churches, and individuals across the Americas—like Fabio in Colombia.

Fabio is the first to admit that in the past, he attended church without much interest and never read the Bible. He only went because his wife, Monica, wanted him to. But when Biblica friends sent Community Bible Experience (CBE) study materials to Fabio’s church, Monica’s prayers were answered.

Engaging with God’s Word shook Fabio to the core. “In these three weeks of reading,” he said excitedly, “something very special has happened in me. I think I finally found a connection with the Bible that has led me to understand and live the Word of God as something close to me, as a tool to transform my life. I have to say that after many years, today I consider myself a Christian in the light of the Word and I understand what Jesus Christ is talking about in my life.”

But it didn’t end there! Fabio’s pastor explained, “After this CBE cycle, Fabio took the course of new believers in our church and made the decision to be baptized, because despite attending for many years, he had not yet made that public proclamation. In CBE, the Lord lit the flame and took the conviction to a new step. Today he is one of our most beloved members, leaders, and mentors of couples and CBE groups. He is teaching us from what God accomplished in his life through the reading itself.”

Will you help more people like Fabio experience the power of reading God’s Word? The goal is $350,000 by August 31—a goal we can reach together if everyone who visits this page will just do what they can. Thank you for being a part of Summer Surge 2020!

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